humanoid redesign of my chibi celinox,
I’m also currently having a sP/CSC art auction here , with deadline being sunday 7th, 2 PM Subeta time. <3 (edited deadline)


OH, and here are some quick process shots from that SP//dr comic I’m doing with Gerard.

I had to work over vacation this summer, and couldn’t bring my Cintiq. This is how it works when I do everything on paper. It gets messy, but using multiple colored pencils helps me keep all that information straight.

OH, and for those of you who’ve been asking… I go full-time on Necropolis two weeks from today. I cannot wait.




i love how the daleks look exactly the same now as they did 50 years ago

but the cybermen, on the other hand,


look completely different


i guess you could say they upgraded

Cyber men’s society is based on making stuff better

Dalek society believes they are already the best they could be so why change

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